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Borgo Magredo

The perfect blend of a secular enological culture and a contemporary drinking style: this is the objective of the company summarized in the design of the bottles. From the grapes of the Friulian wine-making tradition, great classics of the territory, wines of “modern cut”, with care and artisan dedication. Ten references with a strong varietal connotation, all vinified using only grapes belonging to the Company, uncompromising quality has the courage to set itself in a playful and original tone, getting rid of the stereotypes of seriousness that all too often cover the world of Bacchus. The Traminer has straw yellow with greenish reflections, intense and well defined, recalls the wild rose and exotic fruit. Of delicate body, it is distinguished mainly by the pleasant acidulous and fresh note. At a lean structure, alongside a marked flavor. Serve at a temperature around 10° -12°C, in large glasses. Sauvignon is yellow, crystalline, with marked greenish reflections. It has an intense aromatic charge and freshness, with delicate notes of elderberry, nettle and blueberry. Delicate body, characterized by a pleasant sensation of fine and harmonious acidity and a good persistence on the palate. Serve at a temperature around 10°-12°C, in large glasses.

Blanc De Blancs – Villa Parens

A blend of Chardonnay and Ribolla Gialla with a classic taste but with a slightly more territorial taste that Giovanni Puiatti wanted to give to these brand new “bubbles” once made by Chardonnay in purity. The style is always his, the one of all time, he has not abandoned it, indeed he has reinforced it. Very pleasant sparkling wine with very thin CO2. Fragrant bouquet with mineral notes, walnut peach, citrus puffs and wild flowers. In the finish some almond and toasted bread. The taste is dynamic and refined at the same time: rightly sapid, reasonably fresh and pleasantly fruity.

Volpe Pasini

Emilio Rotolo presents, year after year, precious and trustworthy productions where it is the variety shades that make the difference between one label and another. Not to be missed are the Sauvignon and Pinot Bianco Zuc by Volpe… simplicity and freshness live side by side with that typical mineral matrix of this land.

Vie di Romans

A maniacal cure of the vineyards that has made these labels be on the highest of levels. In a territory that is mainly producing white wine and a need to do so without the use of filters. A run of labels that have become renowned, capable of making critics agree, both innovators and traditionalists.


A company that runs on a strong rhythm. Constant quality, character and knowledge in not having the need to overdo things are the leading principles of these two brothers. The Apple Sauvignon Ronco is a testament to its fame.


Roncus has a recent history and a small production. However the passion for wine and sheer talent of Marco Perco give life to products that stand out in quality. The holding is spread over 12 Hectares of vineyards deposited on Jurassic soil that enjoy a splendid sunny position along with a healthy sea breeze.

Ronchi di Cialla

A dream come true. At the end of the sixties Paolo and Dina Rapuzzi asked what the future held for them and the answer was wine. They were amongst the first to produce Schioppettino in its pure state and with passion and dedication they have managed to arrive at a quality that can only be described as superb.

Livon Vino

A rather recent story that has though brought its leading person a long way: Dorino Livon, up to the point where he has become one of the most affirmed and renowned wine growers of Friuli. The Cru wines, in their limited productions, made from vineyards that are particularly grown with both agricultural and oenological extremely selective systems with classic wines that are destined to be developed in important ways, in quantity also, in the middle/high part of the market.

Le Vigne di Zamò

A productive spinneret that is coordinated with scientific accuracy by the Zamò and Farinetti Groups, vineyards that in some cases are over 50 years old. Worthy of noting is the Merlot that distils Lanatura from the local terrains, uncovering an aristocratic flavour.

La Viarte

25 Hectares positioned on the backbone of Prepotto, made up of Ponca alternation of Marl and Limestone. A beautiful sight for the eyes are the company’s vineyards, a solid structure of canteen and passionate people.

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