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Lugana Ca’ dei Frati

Conceived to be consumed in the year’s worth, it expresses the best part of itself after many years of bottling. In its youth it is fresh, linear and endowed with great finesse and elegance with delicate notes of white and balsamic flowers, hints of apricot and almond. Time allows it to evolve by expressing the mineral notes with greater determination. The wine acquires a complexity with iodine, spices and candied fruit. In the mouth it is able to wrap the whole palate thanks to an important sapid essence accompanied by lively and exuberant acidity. In youth it is preferable with a serving temperature of about 10 degrees, with cold or lukewarm appetizers but delicate and accompanies fish dishes both boiled or steamed or grilled.


A manual grape collection, created with the utmost care through the various canteen stages, a line that starts passionately with the grape pressing right up to the ageing process. All the right ingredients to allow Claudio Viviani to be able to produce wines that are a true expression of excellence from Veneto. Clean and clear wines that reach the highest levels of quality.

Trabucchi d’Illasi

Illasi can been found east of Verona, in the oldest wine growing zone in Italy. An extremely beautiful land with some very rare characteristics… a geological base that is an excellent drainage system for the rain and southern position to the sun that guarantees a fantastic exposure. A company that, in this particular terrain, cultivates grapes in a completely natural Venetian way and a biological agriculture that dates back 15 years


A continuation that has been demonstrated in over half a century of activity with firm roots planted in Valpollicella territory. The family’s fifth generation still continues today to push forth a production philosophy that is in line with a traditional respect for nature. Speri only uses substances that are compatible with the ambient and do not use any kind of chemical compost.


An historical reference to the zone is the Doc Soave. The winery distribution is shared between Doc Valpollicella and Soave. Here we see Bio certification and the vineyards are bred for Guyot. The Rocca vineyard is suspended on spurred cordons


Here are the guiding lines of the Maculan family: passion, roots firmly planted in the territory and a sharp attitude towards renovation. Wines that showcase a dazzling form and merit a high position on the podium. Lets not forget Crosara, Frata and Palazzotto that radiate excellence.


Inama can be distinguished for their elegant wines, harmonious and never banal. Wines that are noted for their body and equilibrium, emotional through their long lasting taste and odour. I have to mention the brilliant Vulcaia Fumè, once again a fantastic confirmation.


The Gini company have been present in the territory since the 1600’s. Claudio and Sandro, the two brothers who head this family company, are hands on when it comes to growing and wine making with their grapes that are grown in over 50 Hectares of land that follows a biological cultivation.

Romano Dal Forno

A run of splendid wines of which we are used to from Romano Dal Forno. An excellent performance from the Amarone wineyard from Monte Lodoletta with a great result even in its Valpollicella Superiore 2007. The world of Romano is full of passion that can be seen on their website, rich in documentation, photos and personal comments.

Corte Sant’Alda

An agricultural company that was born over 20 years ago by Marinella Camerani. The conduction of the vineyards are pointed towards the pre-existing equilibriums and the wines, as far as character and type, desire to be the most obvious proof. Come and discover these 39 Hectares of vineyards, Olives, Cherries and woodland: you will be amazed.

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