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Sommelier for passion

Life is too short to drink mediocre wines.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

Since 2004 I am an A.I.S. Sommelier from the Italian region of Romagna, something that has been a very positive experience from the very first level onwards. I have had the pleasure of meeting some extraordinary people who have guided me through this emotional world offering me all the right tools to use in an effort to grow in every aspect.
During these years I have participated with enthusiasm at various national conventions, upgrade meetings, standup tastings and Vinitaly.

I have reached a very good level of knowledge in this sector, continuously enriching my personal and professional culture by testing new labels, comparing them to those already tried and tested, whilst travelling around the Italian regions.

The creation of this web-site has been done with the intention of sharing with those who are either sommelier like myself or those who have just a simple passion for wines, the continual evolution of this sector. I am very interested in exchanging opinions on niche wines and I would love to get to know small native (and non) vine growers to amplify that which can be found not only on commercial lines and available to everybody.

Do we create your wine list together?

Another very important element to me is that of being able to formulate ‘on request’ (by private or professional caterers) lists/menus of personalized wines supported by a whole range of advice on how to ‘Choose The Correct Food/Wine’, gaining the required result for making a great impression either on a personal or professional level, cured in the smallest of details and of the highest level. Nowadays ‘impression’ means everything but behind that you must be backed up by real substance that offers an equilibrated choice that is rich in great regional wines that have an excellent price/quality ratio!

At this stage I will also add that I evaluate work collaboration proposals either on a correspondent level or personal presence at venues organizing events such as fares, congresses or even Starred Restaurants.

Do we make the cellar of your dreams together?

Lately I have been collaborating with a team of professional architects who have, on my directions, created ‘personalized’ projects for building one off wine canteens with stunning interior designs that include original furniture; if you have an idea or a project that you would like to submit to me for analysis please feel free to contact me.