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Valle Reale

A range that is the fruit of teamwork that has as its objective the realisation of wines that express the territory from which they come. Today the canteen is in the hands of Enrico Antonioli, at the pinpoint of national experimentation, technique and ambient respect.


A productive philosophy a bit out of the ordinary, one that points to old and particular clones, without too low yields, large oaks and canteen practices lowered to the minimum. A philosophy that follows the natural creation of wine. Valentini have been following the strange vision for generations now, almost the opposite of modern wines. This is the only way that wine legends are born.

Torre dei Beati

Torre dei Beati are contributing to the growth of standard quality of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. A tight work of the best productiveness and extreme evaluation of the territory itself. A production of wines of a territorial taste where the vines express their powers in every declination.

Emidio Pepe

An important activity that has over 50 years experience behind it. A reality that proposes labels conditioned by the territory itself, the most natural possible. All of the production phases are carried out in biodynamic ways.


Nicodemi is a company that has been following the biological agriculture regime and the canteen uses very forward thinking techniques. A company that sustains its entire energetic needs through Photovoltaic means, a company that helps the environment throughout all of its processes.


A production that for years has remains untouched and perfect. A wine making company that knows how to get the best from nature and technology that a canteen can offer.


The work ethics of this company are the limitations of treatments, organic fertilizer, Summer grazing and equipment trials with new varieties. Here is ‘technology at the service of wine making’, the motto of this canteen. A rigorous productive philosophy orientated towards bio-sustain.

La Valentina

A company that strongly believes in the unification of a territory such as Valle del Pescara in which there is forged an influence of both marine and mountain. A terrain that the company have decided to preserve through an eco-sustainable work ethic regarding the vines and productive processes.


Controguerra is a key place as far as Abruzzo wine making is concerned. Hannibal camped out for a long time in Terramano getting his strength back through the strong local wines. The jewels in the crown of this much assorted range are the excellent Zanna and the modern Lumen.


A production that has some important figures. The grapes that are produced are completely biological. The company complex of Roseto degli Abruzzi has been enlarged and the wine making line has been strengthened.

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