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Terre Bianche

A wonderful version of Bricco Arcagna from the Rondelli and Laconi agreement from Terre Bianche, a very worthy company. A delicious reality laying amongst the Dolceacqua hills that as from now only operates a fully biological treatment for its vines.


Few bottles but a high number of fans for the wines signed by Walter De Batté. A small vineyard with some vague provincial inspirations that destiny thought fit to place amongst Cinque Terre to light the path of the future generations of wine producers.

Ottaviano Lambruschi

In place of Vermentino, of which the harvest was sacrificed by a violent hailstorm, this year a new wine has been presented called Maggiore. This wine takes its name from the district of Castelnuovo Magra from where the grapes originate. A zone whose vocation is winegrowing that has been named this way for decades.


The historical vineyard of Boboli cultivates a Vermentino that is very noteworthy. A hundred years of honoured services to celebrate amongst the hills of Luni Rossi on the footsteps of nearby Vermentino.

Cascina delle Terre Rosse

Red earth of lime and clay, the use of the territories vineyards and the happy micro-climate from the Marie high plain. The oenological intuition of Vladimir Galluzzo is interpreted in a final result that is spot on. Another years wine production with some brilliant results.


The signs of time are not showing in this company regarding its production style or even the amount of grape picking that has taken place this year from Russeghine. Half of the vineyards are run through the principles of an agricultural bio-sufficiency.

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