Roussou (“Red”) was the first wine of Tanca Gioia: comes from the vinification of Carignano del Sulcis pure, one of the symbol of the island of San Pietro and the whole Sulcis-Iglesias. Only the grapes are selected from the areas of the most suitable vine Carignan, so the annual production is limited. This grape, although red grapes, though worked with respect leads to an elegant wine, balanced and non-invasive. Traditionally accompanies all dishes made with tuna carlofortina tradition as spaghetti, tuna stewed and roasted tuna. With a glass of Roussou you can relive the same feeling as when you reach Sardinia by ferry or plane: it is overwhelmed by the scent of Mediterranean vegetation and trails calcined by the sun

Surrau 2009 Vigne Surrau

Vigne Surrau is a young company that has an antique soul. The two fundamental values that guide the philosophy of the company are tradition and innovation: tradition when it coms to the choice of vines to cultivate (Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, Ccannonau di Sardegna DOC, Carignano and Muristellu) and innovative in their distillery methods using the latest equipment and a wine making experimentation ethos such as the withering of the Vermentino and Cannonau grapes or the Champenois wine making classic methods of the same.

Cantina Dorgali

Today the Dorgali canteen is taking on a new test: the realisation of a new project that will re-qualify the production by passing through the cultural evaluation, history and tradition of the territory. The absolute main player is Cannonau, a prince of a vine from this region that through its peculiar climatic force manages to express varied characteristics that up until now have been rather unknown and not completely understood.

Ferruccio Deiana

The Sardinian wine making of tomorrow is here today, in Su Leunaxi in the heart of Parteolla and Basso Campidano where Ferruccio Deiana has built his canteen amongst his vineyards and produces wine. A very modern company that is the fruit of both experience and study. On his travels all over the world Ferruccio Deiana has collaborated with the very best wine producers from all over; meetings that have enabled him to learn techniques in the way you treat the vines and also distillery methods that are very sophisticated and ahead of their time.

Sella e Mosca

Here is the brand that has made Sardinian wines well known around the world. The range of products is very vast and starts with the basic line right up to others of absolute excellence. The principal examples are Marchese di Villamarina, Thilion and the historical Tanca Farrà.

Giuseppe Sedilesu

A great family that are involved in a great project. In ten years the productive base has been modified and made bigger, they are building a new canteen and a small company museum of wine on a historical site that is on the side of the production plant. In these projects Cannonau is still the leader.

Sardus Pater

A suggestive name that evokes the Sardinian Nuraghic God that was much loved in antiquity. A name that recalls Carignano, a vine that is the prince of the Sulcis region that has also found its privileged habitat in the Sant’Antioco islands. Sandy terrain and a windy climate for a grape that is both resistant and vigorous.


Quality Sardinian wine growing, here there is a series of very high quality products. A company vision that loves a challenge and manages to demonstrate the pure excellence of the territory in which it operates.


The Santadi canteen is housed in Sulcis, a South Western zone of Sardinia in line and just a few Kilometres from the wonderful beach and white dunes of Porto Pino. Born in 1960, after getting over the initial problems of the first few years with the arrival of a new group of leaders, it is animated by a determination that generates enthusiasm and passion, a company that takes other roads and adopts other strategies that offer a new face and more coherent directives for the partner producers.


Fine Winters and hot and dry Summers with strange light throughout the entire year. A vineyard that is both particular and aristocratic as is Carignano. Wines that win you over with their extraordinary softness and exuberant personalities.