Thanks to the availability of the Tutela del Nord Piedmont consortium, the 2011 edition of Nebbiolo Grapes was held in the stupendous backdrop of Lago Maggiore in Stresa. As host, with all the prestige that Nord Piedmont has to offer, was Lorella Antoniolo, President of the consortium, who after much hard work managed to bring about this manifestation.


Another confirmation of the great success of Grignolino Vigne Vecchie, already highly prized last year with 5 grapevines: that taster that we had last year highly pleased and won us over. Now the 2007 harvest, what can I say: an excellent Grignolino, fantastic. My comments want to go even further by offering a thought: it wasn’t easy for the Accornero family to start over again or, even better, re-propose the antique story of this noble and aristocratic vineyard that today is best known for its fresh, easy and immediate types that are also extremely good. To want to evolve whilst at the same time amplifying complexity and character is not an east task.


The Ottin company was born out of passion, the passion of a young wine grower and his land. A passion that comes from far away, inherited through family, mountain wine growers for generations. Here we find a well looked after vineyard, treated only with products based on copper and seaweed. The shaping of the grape bunches is closely studied to obtain the highest quality standard possible.

Lo Triolet

To point out the Pinot Gris Barrique 2010, remarkable. A rich and well balanced wine with some very high valued components, worthy of its fame… a long story of quality that has been reached thanks to a love of vineyards by Marco Martin.

Les Cretes

Here is the most renowned and noted company in Aosta Valley. Its Chardonnay Cuvée Bois doesn’t let you down. This is a small jewel in our national wine growers panorama that continues to get the correct visibility. Much talked of is the Fumin 2009 in a rich and deep format.

La Crotta di Vegneron

For a few traditional labels the refinement period has been prolonged. It has been possible to taste a varied gamma of utmost quality. Brilliant also are the traditional reds that demonstrate an entire understanding of the Valley’s wines.

Feudo di San Maurizio

Michel Vallet and his wine production are always top class. The indications that come alive whilst tasting his complete range are very positive. To mention are the Fumin 2009 and the Vuillermin 2010, great interpretations of high seas reds.