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Seven hectares out of fifteen are dedicated to Sagrantin, at an altitude of roughly 350 meters near Foligno. Seven labels of strong personalities, all tied to the territories traditions. A fantastic version of Sagratino di Montefalco, amply and beautifully spiced.


50 years and not showing it. A company that for decades has continued with verve to conquer the most important new landmarks. A surprisingly good Montefalco Sagrantino and Vigna Monticchio… two truly classy wines.


At an altitude of 350 meters, land that is made up of silt and clay, 5.000 plants per hectare, precious grapevines that have become an important reference point on the Montefalco oenological panorama. Worthy of noting is the Montefalco Sagrantino, a symphony of long lasting aromas.

Castello Della Sala

A splendid panorama and exquisite wines. The Cervaro della Sala has carved out a new road towards an objective that was believed to be unthinkable by all of the Italian whites. Elegant odours, a notable structure and long lasting taste.

Cantina Novelli

A winegrowing adventure to uncover and revalue the antique Umbri wines such as the Trebbiano Spoletino. Worthy of noting the Montefalco Sagrantino that is characterised by an intriguing and complex smell combined with a pleasurable and elegant structure.

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