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Taurasi Renonno 2008 Molettieri Salvatore

The sun kisses the still unfinished canteen of Salvatore Molettieri, one of the main players in the Taurasi legend, a great craftsman who has a natural instinct for wine and grapes. 2007 caught him off balance, high acidity and tannin’ problems that were not easy to solve, he then missed out a round and resolved everything

Tenuta del Castello

The Tenuta del Castello, founded in 1898 is run by the fourth generation of the Solano family. Sixty very well looked after Hectares of olives and cereals. A modern canteen completes everything, lying there amongst the vines. The objective of Solano is to produce excellent products from native vines from Magna Grecia with Anglianico leading the way.


High density impact and modern work modes in the canteen. The vines are evaluated through a close collaboration with a prestigious research institute. An articulate range of wines that never cease to amaze for their constant quality

Ippolito vini

One of the best companies in the region that has reached its fifth generation. The leading star is the Gaglioppo amongst the quality wines but other native ones are also great. Much attention is paid in the canteen with noble wooden vats and natural equilibriums.

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