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i migliori vini scelti per voi

Tenuta San Leonardo

The Guerrieri Gonzaga family have understood how to keep and make the most of the agricultural vocation of this small angle of land in Trentino, thus transplanting the spirit of the great Chateau. A strong research of quality and meticulous and precise canteen methods with the objective being a wine that mirrors the expression of this land but at the same time the passion of the producer. The wines are pleasurable, personal and elegant.

Maso Martis

Extraordinary grapes make up the basis of a fantastic Spumante. Back again is DosaggioZero, a decisive and clear product that shows off the exact being of the Stelzer family. A family that have always lived and worked inside the company.

La Vis

The La Vis Group also operates outside of Trentino. The fact that they use an eco-sustainable method heightens the attention towards them and gives life to a biological wine line that has raised the quality level thanks to the rationalization of the production.


4,500 winemakers and 5,500 hectares that allow the production of 100 labels thanks to which Cavit has obtained more than 400 awards and recognitions from 200 to date. Cavit vineyards not cultivated following integrated viticulture, breeding like the classic Trentino pergola, the guyot and the spurred cordon.

Cantina Rotaliana

Here is the historical Teroldego canteen, the principle wine of Trentino. A true proof is the Cleurae, a wine of great class and complexity. From November 2011 there is also available the Redor Trento Doc line: two spumantes from a classic method that complete the company range.

Elena Walch

A production of undisputable fame, characterized by a style that is never in line with the international taste. Wines of immediate pleasure, the expression of a vineyard that is strongly united to its locales. Charm, aromatically complex and of great taste.

St. Michael – Eppan

The Canteen of San Michele Appiano gave life to a development that has today grown into a reality of 350 partners. The historical walls, the central part in its Liberty style, the oenological sections that house the most modern technology there is are all a great testimony to the amalgamation of memory and rebirth. The Sanct Valentin Pinot Grigio has to be tasted.

Schreckbichl Colterenzio

A solid co-operative reality from the Alto-Atesino district, forever ready to take on board with intelligence and brilliantness the new stimuli that come out of the world of wine. Solid foundations made on tradition and the utmost respect for the land. An extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignon Lafoa.

Nals Margreid

Nals Margreid is an ideal co-operative model with the highest of quality levels. The genuine respect for nature and an exemplary organization are the strong points of this company.

Alois Lagerder

A company outshoot that is run in a very serious way, with a strong hand, by the Lagerder family. The productive philosophy marries greatly the biological dynamics and bio-dynamics and makes this company’s great performance something to be admired. A decisively ample level for the whole range.

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