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the best wines chosen for you


The company of Edi Kante starts from the ground up, from the vines; precisely sought after and chosen for their beauty, for their varied disposition and the difference of levels. A pioneer of Karst agriculture and a man of versatile personality, Edi is capable of growing grapes that are of an unequal character.

Livio Felluga

Grapes that have been grown in a way to bring out the best in quality from this territory, easily available on the market with good prices… and the quality is extraordinary. My preference is for the Bianco Terre Alte that can be distinguished for its amazing combination of deep aromatic taste that is a pleasure to sip.


First of all, we have to underline its innovative Ribolla Gialla Spumante in 1970. A short withering of the bunches to enhance the organoleptic characteristics brings the White Broy ever higher. Low yields and quality systems to produce an ever-increasing range of standards.

Alessio Dorigo

Alessio Dorigo follows in the footsteps of his father Girolamo in all phases of wine production. Alessio’s objectives are keeping up the standards along with the search for new growth opportunities. All of Dorigo’s wines are of the highest quality, cutting down the labels to concentrate on excellence.

Castello Spessa

The Oenologist Gianni Menotti looks after the vast range of wines from which the Cru leads the way. The refinement building is a military bunker from the second world war that is 18 meters deep and was dug out by workers from Slovenia.

Borgo San Daniele

A company that has all the correct ingredients to make high profile wines: a productive philosophy that bases itself on natural products for making wines that will express the true essence of this territory to the max. A philosophy that includes planting grass amongst the vineyards and the use of indigenous yeast for fermentation. A high class range of very personal character.

Aquila Del Torre

A company that pays very close attention to nature and the ambient. A richness of agronomic viability that has pushed the owner into converting to biological production. To point out the intriguing Picolit Secco in its classic sweet version.

My labels the best wines chosen for you