Tenute Al Bano Carrisi

A productive philosophy that gives voice to typical vines that reach a very high level of expression, in particular with Platone, a synthesis of Negroamaro and Primitove. An austere and deep wine.


The Taurino family have managed in just a few short years to make known the wine culture of Puglia with its red wines, rosey wines and whites from Salento that are known all over the world. A large number of bottles of great quality.


Winegrowing that stays true to quality and De Corato are in charge of the historical Rivera canteen. The whites lead the way, trustworthy wines that are very versatile on the table.

Podere 29

Structured wines with a good alcohol level that are never short of a true aromatic component. The two Gelso D’Oro and Gelso Nero reds are excellent. The potential of the Nero di Troia is also great, for some time now with its roots firmly in Foggia.

Masseria Altemura

The Altamura Masseria is situated in Agro in the land of Torre Santa Susanna and in Oria, in the heart of the Salentine peninsula, a land of strong Mediterranean character where light, wind and sea all mix together for a unique alchemy. The production is left to Antonio Cavallo and his well articulated wine production.

Feudi di San Marzano

An adventure that came to life out of the decades long experience of two very important wine producers: the Puglia cooperative ‘Cantine San Marzano’ and the Abruzzo company ‘Farnese Vini’ who from 2003 have united their wine producing force in an effort to re-launch true vines from Puglia through excellent wines. Success soon came not only in Italy but all across the world thanks to a production philosophy that couples together tradition in the growing fields and modern methods in the canteen.

Duca Carlo Guarini

Nine hundred years of history with countless illustrious personalities. 700 Hectares of land shared between plots and farms, 70 Hectares of cultivated vines and 260 century old olive trees. Cultivated native vines that have recently been turned over to a biological regime


In the sweet Apulia plain, almost central in the Salentine peninsula, halfway between the Ionio and Adriatic seas, between the Taranto Gulf and Otranto Channel there lies the land of Copertino better know as Feudo di Copertino when remembering a medieval law that proclaimed Copertino as the county’s capital. Today Cupertinum has a total of 350 partners and is working hard on the communications and new ideals of Salento.

Conti Zecca

With five centuries of history behind them they are amongst the most important wine producers of Salento. 320 Hectares of vineyards and 4 canteens owned by the Zecca counts. Every property has its own specific tie to the territory. A brilliant level of quality in all of their products


A precious and elegant range of wines, in line with style and organized brilliantly. Riccardo Cottarella has tried his best with remaining vines whilst respecting the true identity and expression of the South.