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The company Di Legami is located in the Trapani countryside and covers about 100 hectares, of which 45 are vineyards, on gentle hills at 350 m. s.l.m. Its position has a certain tourism importance, as it is located between Mount Erice, the city of Trapani and the salt marshes of Marsala. From the vineyards of Berlinghieri the Grillo and the Perricone are born, from the vineyards of "Zafaràna" instead the Inzolia, the Rosato and the Nero D'Avola, and approaching the moment of the opening of our first sparkling wine Organic Classic method based on Grillo grapes . The technical guide is entrusted to the oenologist Sebastiano Polinas who accompanies the wines in the path of growth, enhancement and maturity, in full respect of the territory and the vines grown on the farm. Currently they produce 30,000 bottles, focusing on quality products with the will to emerge in an increasingly careful and sectorial market.


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