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In Carmignano, the vine was already cultivated in the pre-Roman era, about 3000 years ago, as evidenced by the wine pots and tasting cups found in the Etruscan tombs. In the Florence state archives a parchment dated 804 has been found: it is a lease contract which documents how already 1200 years ago in Capezzana olive trees and vines were grown for the production of oil and wine. In the early Renaissance a woman, Monna Nera Bonaccorsi, built the first "house of Lords" and nine farm houses with the relative viticultural plants; it was 1475. Other generations and families took turns in the estate: the Cantucci, related to the Medici, and the Marquises Bourbon del Monte. In the eighteenth century a Cantucci married Bourbon enlarged the farm and bought new farms; he also introduced an exemplary administrative method, whose documents are still preserved today in the company's historical archive. After the Bourbon del Monte the company passed to the Adimari Morelli and then to the Franchetti Rothschild and, by the widow Sara de Rothschild, and then to the Contini Bonacossi, our Family, in 1920.


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