Falerno del Massico

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The best known, most appreciated and most expensive wine of antiquity. It can be considered the first D.O.C. of world enology. In fact the ancient Romans, who had it in the highest regard, used to keep it in amphorae closed with stoppers fitted with plates (pittacium) that guaranteed the origin and vintage Tibullo prayed - nunc mihi Gumosus veteris proferte Falernos - to have immediately a cup of Falerno, old and smoked. Pliny, Martial, Horace, Cicero have repeatedly praised them. Petronio Arbitro recounts that during the famous Trimalcione dinner the haustores (the ancient sommeliers) served a 100 year old Falerno. The falerno conclave of the massico papa is a wine of great density, softness and neatness.


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