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Since 2004 I am an A.I.S. Sommelier from the Italian region of Romagna, something that has been a very positive experience from the very first level onwards. I have had the pleasure of meeting some extraordinary people who have guided me through this emotional world offering me all the right tools to use in an effort to grow in every aspect.
During these years I have participated with enthusiasm at various national conventions, upgrade meetings, standup tastings and Vinitaly.

excellent wines the best wines chosen for you

The aromas of wine or scents, as we would say in jargon, are one of the most important elements of evaluation of wine analysis, as they provide different elements useful for the combination.

Not only that, the scent of wine, also embraces the poetic aspect, as the sense of smell is the sense of man more directly connected to the memory and one of the most profound and powerful senses.

design the cellar of your dreams

The creation of a canteen is an important event and it is for this reason that I have decided to team up with a group of specialized ‘interior design’ architects to be able to offer all of the services needed for such a project.

Champagne excellent selection

The Champagne wine-growing areas are the Montagne de Reims (suited to produce Pinot noir from which you get the "Blanc de noir"), the Vallée de la Marne crossed from the river, the Cote des Blancs planted with Chardonnay, the range of the most common East that produce excellent Pinot Noir and finally, further south, the Aube area but is less suited the above.


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