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Villa Matilde

A complex intervention of enological archaeology brought the lawyer Avallone to recover Falerno del Massico. Today Villa Matilde can boast the custody of the selected vines from the original Falerno zone. The wine that was quoted by Latin poets is represented all over the world by Camarato.

Terre del Principe

Ten years of success for this company that has thought up a series of events that include a conference on Pallagrello and Casavecchia and the release of a volume of said vines. The company has restored an IX century canteen and has opened a Bed & Wine.

Fiano di Avellino 2010 Picariello Ciro

An honest label, believable and convincing. This is Fiano of Avellino. This wine confirms the accelerated lift off of Ciro Picariello who has entered into the top five of the most loved characters of the Fiano from Avellino culture.

Nanni Copè

A label that in only three years has made its mark as one of the most leading examples of excellence on a national wine growing level. Two and a half hectares of vines cultivated with attention, knowledge and passion.


A wine that is worth betting on. A wine that has gained a long list of awards, has won over countless palates and has reached the charts as far as enjoyment is concerned by some of the biggest critics in this sector. Here is a label of experimental provocation that in just a short time has become a reference point for wine growing in the area.

Masseria Felicia

A renewed interest for the entire Falerno del Massico brand can be put down to the work of Felicia Brini who has not been unfaithful to her fathers work but instead has taken all responsibilities onto her own shoulders. Her idea of Falerno is: territorial, truthfulness and spontaneity.

Luigi Maffini

A knowing performance of Kràtos 2010 anticipated the greatness of Pietrincatenata. Land that has been carefully selected and destined to the growth of quality vines, characterised by the company trademark.

La Sibilla

A company that incites the wine tourism that is ever more growing due to the recent opening to the public of their historical canteen. Experimenting with local vines such as Verdeca, Annarella and Calabrese. The position is very suggestive within the confines of the Flegrei fields.

I Favati

From a great family tradition, that of passion and culture for good wine that has been going on since the very beginning of the last century, today the company has grown out of the renamed land Irpina and is knowingly looked after by Giancarlo Favati and Rosanna Petrozziello who look after every aspect of the production and selling of the products, along with the precious contribution of qualified oenologists such as Vincenzo Mercurio.


Vineyards that are located in a land that is breathtakingly beautiful, a land of volcanic origins, olive groves and chestnut forests. A unique micro-climate that cannot be reproduced. From the whole hearted collaboration between the main players of this adventure, nowadays it has passed over to a modern structure that is however still run with the same spirit as always.