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Enzo Boglietti

A small winery that holds fond memories. The Boglietti brothers started their adventure as wine producers in 1991, using 2,5 hectares of vineyards. A particular attention goes out to their Barolo with some excellent results coming to light during the past few years. They are generous and perfumed wines, wines with character and complete substance…


A large cool winery is that of Roberto Conterno who looks after an immeasurable patrimony… A winery enriched with wines from Cru Ceretta that on first taste give the idea that they will give Nebbioli from Vigna Francia a good run for its money. As for the Barolo, here we find strong and vibrant wines that are capable of standing the test of time.


Quinto Chionetti could be considered as the living legend from Dolcetto by Dogliani to which Quinto has dedicated, and dedicates still, his entire passion for this work. Quinto has always been a very strong defender of placing the name of the vineyard on the label itself for which he uses a back placed second label that has a full description of everything.


An emotional read is that of the life story of Ceretto from its foundations up until today. Three quarters of a century of happenings and successes. It is the land that makes the wine makers great and it is the land that creates everything. Bruno and Marcello Ceretto have realized their dream with their land, producing excellent wine that is highly valued throughout the territory. Their dreams have come true.


This very antique winery of Castiglione Falletto has during the last years reached some wonderful landmarks and today more than ever is a true and proper focal point for that pertaining to Barolo. Brovia manage to produce very classy and very fine wines, making the most of various wine picking results. The use of the best type of wine making systems.


The Brezza family have during the last few years concentrated on their investments and important strategies, just like the rebuild of the winery itself, the conversion to biological agriculture which is all but certified as well as the reorganization of the production itself. Of the wines coming this year we can only pay compliment to Brezza, thanks to their range of high quality prestigious wines, impeccable and full of character.

Braida Giacomo Bologna

The harvest of Braida wines continues: as excellent as ever just as the three leading Barbera wines, such as Bricco dell’Uccellone that won a prize for its elegance and complexity. We also find Bricco della Bigotta which has a never ending persistence and the sumptuous Ai Suma, realized through a well studied late grape harvest.


Since 2008 the Farinetti family have changed much, innovation in their marketing, obviously, but also in the substance. Since 2010 they have returned to the more traditional methods, abandoning selected yeasts, fermentation additives and enzymes. Pleasurable and deep wines, the Barolo is as always great and rather extrovert.


Thanks to the availability of the Tutela del Nord Piedmont consortium, the 2011 edition of Nebbiolo Grapes was held in the stupendous backdrop of Lago Maggiore in Stresa. As host, with all the prestige that Nord Piedmont has to offer, was Lorella Antoniolo, President of the consortium, who after much hard work managed to bring about this manifestation.


Another confirmation of the great success of Grignolino Vigne Vecchie, already highly prized last year with 5 grapevines: that taster that we had last year highly pleased and won us over. Now the 2007 harvest, what can I say: an excellent Grignolino, fantastic. My comments want to go even further by offering a thought: it wasn’t easy for the Accornero family to start over again or, even better, re-propose the antique story of this noble and aristocratic vineyard that today is best known for its fresh, easy and immediate types that are also extremely good. To want to evolve whilst at the same time amplifying complexity and character is not an east task.