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Wine culture, its history and its origins' analysis brought me to study with passion every single step. Grape growing knowledge, enology, geography and law is very wide and complex.

Italy is the biggest wine producer's country and the productions increased unexpectedly and thereby also the export. Vineyard owners supported by enologist and expert consultant select and decide which kind of vitas vinifera graft.


In Northern and Center italy to produce a Barbatella for a two-month period you have to produce a graft, On Southern Italy and in the Islands winemakers use bud graft and they do directly on the field a graft previously planted. Every province has a great variety of wines that UE classified in 'recommended' if high-graded and  'authorized' if subsistitued in time.

We are proud to have a lot of graft and a lot of variety of Vitis Vinifera and we export 'barbatelle' all over the world. Right geographic position, in respect of environment and land, exposition and duration of sun, sea's proximity. These elements feature production area that guarantees tepidity of DOC. Density of plantation of grapevine are step to identify a high quality win. The most common upbringing form: Alberello, spelliera, tendone, pergola, with different methods of pruning has the aim to let on the stump a certain number of buds. Quality is inversely proportional to number of bunch.

A good enologist has to preserve bunches to bad weather and to vermin like Botryts.

Sommelier has an important role and need professional qualification as knowledge and tasting ( an art in three parts: View Exams, Olfactory exam and Tasting exam as final valuation of evolutive state and harmony. This evidence joins people, brings to conviviality as everybody feels like smells, aftertaste, broach a bottle is always an emotion, everyone contains a particularity and a clear way. Wine-food match is important and basic to conclude personal enrichment and constant training in tasting regional and foreign wine.
Wine is the fruit of earth.